The improbability measure of existence

The internet is full of more or less interesting content. Everyone enjoys a little stroll through the net every now and again. Nowadays even the small ones know how to scroll before they know how to walk.So there is a LOT of people online. There are an estimate of 1253000000 Websites online. The chance of you existing in this moment reading this crazy text about probability of you being here is so minute that, if somebody were to invent an engine that functions on improbability it would have infinite energy. Just imagine. At the same time te probability of somebody being smart enough to invent such an energy transformator while at the same time having the necessary funds and skill an manppower to take that genius into action is really..really...really small. Nevertheless if we assume that there is parallel universes our probability factor will get smaller and smaller. It is the paradox of exitence. The less likely something is, there is always one universe where it is common. I suppose the question how likely it was for you to be exactly here at this moment is about as easy to answer as it is to explain schroedinger's cat paradox. Actually this serves pretty well as a metaphor for this problem. Imagine being Schroedinger's cat. You know that you are in the box. Only you know if you will eat zhe poison or if you will not eat it. While everyone on the outside won't know. On the internet it is a slightly different situation. We all have IP numbers that link our activity to the network. We leave our traces everywhere we go except those who move across the darkweb and now how to hide their tracks. Now for real probability is something that is just a term for that what can't be forseen. We do math with something that basically doesn't even exist. We take our chances and the way the universes ties together make it such a chaotic mess that we should not be able to send manned aircrafts into space. Yet we do. It is absolutely amazing how well humans are able to put words and numbers on phenomenons. Just take the mathematical term "Imaginary number" how crazy is it that we do math to send rockets into space while using an IMAGINARY number. Once I asked my physics professor in highschool how planes flew? he chuckled and told me that nobody can know that for sure. He explained it is a combination of thisng. First there is the experience humans have gathered over more than a hundred years through trial and error. Second there is the sciences; physics, thermodynamics, math. Third is mechanical engineering. Alltogether it makes the chance of a plane working and actually being able to fly really high. In the end though, he said we never know for sure. So we trust in all these things just like you know that you are there, living and breathing. Movies liek the matrix explore our very doubt in reality itself. Since our brains are just interpreters of information it receives through the senses, yet we can never not be sure from where these signals originate from. There are conspiracy theorists that argue we exist in a matrix-like distopia where our life juices are harvestetd either by a ruling class of humans, machines or even extraterrestials. The bottom line is not only is it very unlikely that you happen to come across the page, we can't even say for sure that you physically are. What a crazy reality we live in or whatever we could call our collective experience. Despite all of this one question is able to overrule all this mess of probability and the existence of the universe. DOES IT REALLY MATTER?. Is it really important what underlies our experience? I suggest we accept this reality as is, unless you happen to be a philosopher who deals with these kinds of matters. We can look for inner peace at least for this question because even if all is a lie our experience is the only thing that we have. In a I feel therefore I am kind of Descartian way. Let's just celebrate that you have found your way here and actually finished reading this text. I salute you for your endurance and thank you for your attention. If you care to explore space in your mind I advise you to find the buttom at the bottom of this page!

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Appendices of SPACE

Some REALLY bad poetry

For why we should not have to read horrible poetry.....or should we?

Space is vast Space is good Your ears are not right for my poetries might

Celebrate life Celebrate your strive Heaven is unnecessary We have our own itinerrary

Distance is an illusion We use soul to soul to fusion Nobody likes pure lard but in Tortillas it is smart!

The absolute definitive importance of towles

This so very important piece of literature that everyone most definetly should have in one or another form (preferably in digital form, nobody likes to travel with a few truckloads worth of weight) points out the importance of keeping a proper towel on hand. Every traveler will be seen as well kept together and trustworthy. So never forget to take yours in any journey.

Communication is key!

Even though one might be reluctant to go through the process of attaining one of these feats, it is certainly a basic necessity for a wandering soul. May it be slimey and uncomfortable at first, the undeniably proven benifits should convice even the last doubing one

Distance is an illusion

Even though it may have been unlikely for you to get to this website on this very day, at this very time, we both have to admit that you have successfully made it here. Let‘s celebrate this amazing event by challenging the odds even more and clicking on this wonderfully tempting button at the bottom of this page!

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